5 Tips For Hanging A Bike On A Pegboard

When considering where to store your bike, you need to be creative. Have you considered using pegboard? Although it’s unconventional, it can work if done correctly. Let’s look at how to use a pegboard to hang a bike and get it out of the way. 

Here are a few tips you can use to hang your bike on pegboard safely and securely:

  1. Ensure there are multiple support points
  2. Make sure the hooks are long enough
  3. Make sure the pegboard is strong enough 
  4. Use padded hooks
  5. Ensure the pegboard frame is securely attached.

This article will ensure you know everything you need regarding hanging your bike on a pegboard to ensure your bike is safe and secured, so keep reading!

Can You Hang A Bike On Pegboard? 

Bikes are useful to many people, and many enjoy riding them; whether you use your bike daily to travel or use your bike for weekend rides, bikes are needed. 

However, storing your bike can be challenging as they are large objects with an unusual shape.

Many people choose to store their bikes in the garage. But what if you don’t have the space for your bikes in the garage? 

Can you hang your bike on the wall with a pegboard? 

Instead of letting your bike take up valuable space in your room or garage, why not hang it on the wall with a pegboard? This feasible option can get your bike up and out of the way when you aren’t using it.

How Sturdy Is A Pegboard?

Hanging your bike on a pegboard is relatively easy and only requires a few power tools to get the job done. 

However, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind when using a pegboard to hang your bike. The most important thing to consider is how much weight the pegboard can hold.

Generally, the strength of a pegboard is determined by the type of material used to make it and how many support points are on the backside. 

Most pegboards are relatively strong and will hold 50-100 pounds, but some can be strengthened with additional supports to hold even more weight. 

How To Hang A Bike On Pegboard

There are a few ways you can hang your bike on pegboard, with some methods being better than others. 

However, you need to work within your budget, and if it works, it works. 

The two methods to hang your bike on the pegboard below depend on how long you want to hang the bike up. 

Some people think bikes are beautiful and want to hang them up as part of their décor, while others still want to use them and are only looking for a better way to store them overnight. 

So, let’s go through the two ways you can hang your bike on a pegboard to see which suits your needs the most. 

Use Pegboard Hooks

The first method is to use pegboard hooks to hang your bike. There are several different types of pegboard hooks you can use. 

Some are simple metal or plastic hooks that you clip into the pegboard, and they offer little support to your bike, and they can cause damage to your bike as they can be sharp. 

There are also fancy pegboard hooks with foam edging and support to ensure your bike is safe and scratch-free. 

The pegboard hooks you choose will depend on your budget, as the foam ones will cost more. However, pegboard hooks are perfect for people who still want to use their bikes regularly. 

Use Cable Ties

The next option is to use cable ties to attach your bike to the pegboard. This is a superb option if you want to hang your bike for an extended period or use it as décor and are on a tight budget. 

Cable ties can be discrete and come in multiple colors, so you can find the ones that match your bike, giving the bike a floating appearance. 

5 Tips For Hanging A Bike On Pegboard

When hanging your bike from the pegboard, there are a few things you should know to help ensure the bike and the pegboard are secure and will stay in place for as long as you need them to. 

Below are some helpful tips you can incorporate into your planning to ensure everything goes well when hanging your bike on the pegboard. 

#1 Ensure There Are Multiple Support Points

The first tip is to ensure that you hang the bike on the pegboard with multiple support points. Do not hang your bike with only two hooks supporting it, as this can still be unstable, and your bike can fall off the wall. 

You need to ensure the bike is supported in at least three locations, so it will not fall and get damaged if a strong wind comes through the area or someone tries to squeeze past it. 

#2 Make Sure The Hooks Are Long Enough

Hang your bike from the pegboard using long and curved hooks to keep the bike snug against the wall.

The hooks need to curl around to at least halfway up the bike frame, and they need to be long enough that the bike frame can fit tightly into the hook. 

#3 Make Sure The Pegboard Is Strong Enough 

Bikes can be heavy, so before hanging your bike from the pegboard, you need to make sure the pegboard is strong enough to hold the weight of your bike. 

There are metal pegboards, heavy-duty pegboards, and light-duty pegboards, each with its own weight range. 

Metal pegboards can hold much more weight than the other two, so if your bike weighs a lot or has heavy attachments, use metal pegboards, as the others might break under the bike’s weight. 

#4 Use Padded Hooks Where Possible

If you have a bit of a bitter budget, you should choose padded pegboard hooks over all the other options. 

These padded hooks will ensure your bike is safe and will give your bike some extra protection from scratches. 

These padded hooks will also ensure your bike fits snuggly in the hooks and will not move, even when the bike is adjusted. This will help protect your bike and the other items in the storage area. 

#5 Ensure The Pegboard Frame Is Securely Attached

This last tip is probably one of the most important ones. You need to ensure the pegboard frame is securely attached to the wall. If the pegboard frame is not secure, your bike is unsafe, no matter what pegboard or hooks you use. 

Ensure the frame is screwed tightly into the wall where the support beams are, especially if your house is made from drywall. Having the frame secured correctly will ensure your bike is safer in the long run. 

Final Word

Hanging a bike from a pegboard is not difficult and is one of the best ways to store your bike, whether for long-term or short-term storage. 

You can do multiple things to ensure your bike is as secure and safe as possible while hanging it on a pegboard. 

Ensure the pegboard is built and secured correctly, then use the correct pegboard for the weight of your bike, and use the right hooks.

Good luck hanging your bike on a pegboard!

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